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Jun 20th, 2023

Which neighborhood do you ❤️?

Have you ever wondered where we got the name Balmorhea? Are you delighted by Driskill? Gaga for Garner? Here at Kissing Tree, we name our neighborhood sections after famous Texas sites and locales – except one. 

Balmorhea: While Balmorhea might be hard to pronounce (say bal-more-ay), the inspiration for this section was too beautiful to pass up. Balmorhea is named for the world’s largest spring-fed pool, located 60 miles west of Ft. Stockton. Our section sits beside the 5th, 6th, and 7th holes of the golf course and features Cottage and Traditional homes.

Berclair:  Our section of Berclair was named for the Berclair Mansion, located in Berclair, Texas. The mansion was the largest steel strand house in the United States when it was constructed in 1936. This section features Traditional homes.

Bonnell: Located on the highest ground in Kissing Tree, Bonnell is named for the famous scenic overlook in Austin. With gorgeous golf course views, Bonnell offers Traditional homes and Cottage homes.

Driskill: As our second neighborhood section, Driskill was named for the legendary Austin hotel built in 1886 and known for its hospitality. While this neighborhood is now sold out, it features Traditional homes.

Fair Park: This is where Kissing Tree began! Fair Park is named for the historic Dallas site of the State Fair and the Cotton Bowl. While this neighborhood is now sold out, it features Traditional homes.

The Fairway: Named for its proximity to both Fair Park and the golf course, The Fairway wraps around the 18th hole. This section features our original group of Cottage homes. 

Fannin: Located on the north side of Kissing Tree, Fannin was named for Texas revolutionary James Fannin, who led the Battle of Goliad. Our section is sold out, but it features Traditional homes.

Garner: If you haven’t been to Garner State Park on the Frio River, you’re missing out. The park was named for John “Cactus Jack” Nance Garner, the 32nd Vice President of the United States with FDR. Located in the northwest section of Kissing Tree, our section featuring Traditional homes is coming soon.

Lomita: Spanish for “Little Hill,” Lomita is a bit of a mystery: the exact namesake of this section has been lost to time. Was it named for the town in California? The chapel in Mission, Texas? Or, maybe for a small rise that graces the topography on which it sits. This section in the northeast part of Kissing Tree features Traditional homes.

The Strand: Named for the historic Galveston neighborhood next to the waterfront, The Strand is located on the south side of Kissing Tree close to The Mix. This section features Cottage and Villa homes.
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