Meet Sydni & Randy - Kissing Tree
Jan 25th, 2024

Meet Sydni & Randy

The next time you’re in the Kissing Tree Welcome Center, keep an eye out for Sydni Jeter and Randy Perry, our Kissing Tree Sales Leads. Syndi and Randy support our New Home Counselors, and they wear A LOT of hats, from maintaining the model homes and introducing new folks to all that KT has to offer to doing important behind-the-scenes work like keeping up with all of our MLS listings. Because they love sharing the inside scoop with folks, we thought it was only fair to share a little bit about them.

Sydni Jeter

Hometown: I’m from a little town in Northeast Texas called Sulphur Springs. I came to San Marcos to go to Texas State, and I remember driving by back when Kissing Tree was just starting! My husband was in the Army so we lived in Washington state after college, and then we moved back to Buda to be closer to family in Texas once our daughter was born.

Family: My husband Forrest and I were high school sweethearts, and we have a 2-year-old daughter named Prowess.

Hobbies: We’re real outdoorsy – we love hiking, fishing, and hanging out with family. Lately, we spend a lot of time doing what 2-year-olds like to do, so lots of parks, little museums, and jump zones. 

Favorite Local Spot: I love the Meridian in downtown Buda for drinks – it has a nice vibe and fun stuff like karaoke, live music, and comedy. In San Marcos, I always love Herberts for Tex-Mex. The Root Cellar Cafe is a good spot for brunch. 

Favorite Part of the Job: It’s so inspiring to have the opportunity to serve the community at Kissing Tree. It’s a beautiful way to live. I really enjoy working with people and connecting, and I love learning from all of our different New Home Counselors. 

Favorite floor plan/style: Exterior-wise, I’m a Santa Barbara girl – I love the stucco and the tile roofs! I had an aunt who lived in Florida, and I want a house like that someday! For the floor plan, I love the Champlain –  it’s nice and open, and it feels grand but not too big. It has everything you need including a wet bar!

What do you tell people about KT? It’s the place to be if you’re approaching retirement! Brookfield has done a great job and spared no cost in ensuring that this project was nothing short of the best place to call home. You’re not going to match the prestige of the entry anywhere! Also, it’s got a great location close to San Antonio, Austin, Gruene, and New Braunfels – there’s so much to do. And, when your family comes to visit, there’s lots for everyone to do. 

Any insider tips at KT or things you think people should know? There is delicious complimentary coffee in Independence Hall – there’s a fancy machine that serves any type of latte you could imagine, and it’s all self-operated. If you lived at Kissing Tree, you could start your day with a nice walk and come there every day! 

Randy Perry

Hometown: I was born and raised in Houston. I came to Austin to go to UT, and (with a few exceptions), I never left. I’ve worked for Brookfield since 2019, and in May of 2022, I came to Kissing Tree.

Family: I currently live in Dripping Springs with my wife of 53 years. 

Best part of the job: I love meeting new people and showing them all that Kissing Tree has to offer. 

Favorite floor plan/style: I don’t have a particular favorite plan – I think it all depends on who is looking and what’s right for them. 

What do you tell people about KT? I enjoy telling people that living in KT is like living in a resort with all that KT has to offer. 
If you want to get to know Sydni and Randy, stop by the Welcome Center and say hello anytime during business hours. For specifics about homes or home sites or if you’re ready to go on a tour, it’s always a good idea to make an appointment before your visit.

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