Meet the Dunks - Kissing Tree
May 13th, 2024

Meet the Dunks

When John and Debbie Dunks thought about moving to Kissing Tree, one of the considerations was finding a home large enough to accommodate the couple and both of their mothers, Patsy and Petra, who currently live with them on their Canyon Lake property. Then they saw that the Villa model homes right next to The Mix were on sale. We sat down with Debbie Dunks to get the scoop on how they came to buy not one but THREE homes at Kissing Tree at the same time!

Love at first sight

Debbie doesn’t remember exactly how they first heard about Kissing Tree, but when they first came to see it, it was love at first sight. “We have friends from church who live here, and my mom is an artist, and she has an artist friend who lives here, so we had a lot of connections before we ever came to visit,” Debbie says. “When we saw Kissing Tree, we knew it was the perfect place.”

Homes for everyone

The Dunks decided to have two homes built – a Champlain for themselves and another home for their moms. But when they saw that the Villa models were for sale, it changed everything. Since their mothers were already used to having their own space, the Villas were a much better option.


John’s mother, Patsy, wanted a 2-bedroom home, so she’s getting the Galvez floor plan, and Debbie’s mom, Petra, wanted a 1-bedroom with a golf-cart garage, so she chose the Moody floor plan. “It was perfect,” Debbie said, “Everyone was able to get what they wanted!”


Pop the Champlain

As they figured out the logistics of getting everyone moved to Kissing Tree, John and Debbie realized there was an inventory home in the Champlain floor plan that was almost the exact model that they were planning to have built. “We looked at the pictures online, and we were like, that’s crazy,” Debbie says. “It had the same upgrades we were going to do. We liked all the finishes, and this particular house backs up to a green area with a walking path behind it. Right now we live in the country, and that’s a hard thing to give up. So when we saw this house with all the green around it, we knew it was for us!”

Ready for the next chapter 

According to Debbie, Patsy is looking forward to getting involved with KT’s clubs and groups.  John is pretty excited about the 18-hole golf course. Petra is looking forward to  spending time in KT’s new art studio. As for Debbie? “I’m excited about less stress – ten acres is a lot to keep up with! We love it, and we’ll miss it,  but we won’t miss the work that comes with it.

Petra and Debbie

Ready to go

Debbie and John have already met their neighbors on one side, and they’re looking forward to getting to know more people in the community. “We’ve had dinner at Tarbox & Brown, and Kendra has introduced us to some folks,” Debbie says. “We can’t really move in until our property sells, because of the animals, but we’ll be there soon!” If you see John and Debbie walking their two dogs, Cooper and Lexi, around the neighborhood in the next few months, be sure to say hello.

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