Meet the Rosses - Kissing Tree
Mar 28th, 2024

Meet the Rosses

It all started with a voicemail. KT New Home Counselor Brian Blair shared a message he’d received after Brookfield Residential customer Susan Ross and her husband Robert had visited their new home, under construction in Balmorhea. The message Susan left for Brian was full of awe and joy: “Hey Brian, it’s Susan. I just want to call and tell you I just walked through the house quickly, and I walked on the back porch and it took my breath away. Our view is…I just couldn’t hardly believe that was going to be our house. It’s the first time I just really felt like what we were doing was 150% right, so thank you for helping us. That gave me some mileage! Stunning view!!!” When we heard that, we knew we had to get the rest of the story, so we got Susan on the phone to hear about their journey to Kissing Tree.

Getting the timing right

Susan and Robert Ross actually spotted the signs for Kissing Tree before the neighborhood had even broken ground. At that point, the couple was living nearby in New Braunfels after time spent overseas for Robert’s work in the oil industry. Because they had previously lived in San Marcos, they did a lot of driving back and forth and the fun signs caught their attention. “We talked about the name,” Susan said. “But we didn’t think it was for us. At that time, we were 12 years younger, and we weren’t ready for that yet. Our three daughters were all married, and we needed room for them to come home with their families.”

Renovating for retirement

Susan and Robert renovated their New Braunfels home, adding fun features including a pool, hot tub, golf green, outdoor kitchen, and firepit. “Here we have a 40-foot swimming pool in our own backyard, but we have to take care of it, too!” Susan said. “When all our kids were coming all the time and we had parties, it was great, but keeping up this big place for two people makes no sense. We wanted lock-and-leave in a secure place big enough that the kids can spend the night if they want to. Our grandkids are all in activities. So we find ourselves at their houses more than our house.”

The call of Kissing Tree

Over the years, Susan and Robert found themselves drawn back to Kissing Tree, looking at the community several times but never pulling the trigger. They loved their home and location, and they just weren’t sure they were ready to make a change. “We need more room than some others, and, to be honest, you’re downsizing but upsizing in money costs,” Susan said. “So we kept trying to fill this excitement bucket with different things, and one of the things was we bought an Airstream, and we came home from an RV trip to frozen plants and water leaks, and we said, ‘We do not have a lock-and-leave! What’s wrong with us?! We need to go back and look at that lot again, rethink everything and readjust.”

Third time’s a charm

The Rosses returned to Kissing Tree and continued working with Brian, who showed them a newly released homesite in Balmorhea that had an amazing view of the golf course and no neighbors on three sides. “It was perfect for us,” Susan said. “The one side was even situated so you can’t see the neighbor. Brian showed us some other stuff, but there wasn’t a better lot out there. For us, it was a big decision. I’m sure Brian didn’t think we were really going to do it this time, but we did!”

It’s all about Christmas

The Rosses chose the Trinity floor plan knowing that it would be big enough to host their three daughters and their families, including six grandchildren ranging in age from 3-20, who all join them for a huge family Christmas celebration. “Our daughters love the tradition of being together for the holidays,” Susan said, “And everyone can sleep in a Trinity! Santa Claus always comes to our house, and all the kids play with their stuff. Stockings are hung, and I set four big meals – it’s so festive and nice!” 

Jumping into the good times

Susan and Robert are looking forward to getting to know the Kissing Tree community, and they’ve already met a few of their new neighbors. “Everyone has come up to say hi and introduce themselves and ask how we’re doing,” Susan said. “We spent 13 years in Saudi Arabia living on a compound with lots of Americans, Canadians, and Germans – there was a golf course and a community gym. Kissing Tree is like going back to that. It’s very social – people had dinner parties and enjoyed one another because their families aren’t around, so your neighbors are your family. We loved that, and what Kissing Tree represents to me is that people come from all over, it seems like no one is locked in or so ingrained that they don’t have room for another acquaintance.”

Growing and adventuring

By the time this article is published, the Rosses will already have closed on their new home. “It’s taken us about 8 to 9 months to build, and it’s taken us that long to clear out our house,” said Susan. “We’re downsizing from 3,300 square feet, but there’s nothing like Kissing Tree for the offering. The other day, I looked around our house, and I said, ‘Why did we stay here so long?’” 

Both Susan and Robert are also looking forward to taking part in all the community activities that Kissing Tree has to offer. “Robert and I both golf, and if you don’t live in a community, it’s hard to find a group of ladies to golf with,” Susan said. “And we’re big music people. I read and I quilt, and I’m learning to play pickleball. We’re big pool people. There are so many activities here. We’re really looking forward to this part of our life.”

If you see Susan and Robert out walking Sable, their beautiful springer spaniel, be sure to tell them hi and introduce yourself! They’ve even named their new home Sable’s Run in her honor. And if you’re ready to find your own dream home, check out our Quick Move-in Homes or plan a visit to see our amazing amenities for yourself.

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