Sharon Deterding - Kissing Tree Resident Story
Aug 11th, 2022

Meet Sharon Deterding!

Sharon Deterding doesn’t play golf, but it was the game that led her to Kissing Tree. It all started when her son-in-law played a round on Kissing Tree’s 18 holes with friends. A few months later, Sharon decided it was time to retire and move from her home in Kingwood to be closer to her daughters in Lavernia and Buda.

When Sharon started looking for the right house, she wasn’t really interested in new construction. With starter homes, young families, and too many cars on the street, none of the neighborhoods she saw felt like the right fit. Then her daughter told her about Kissing Tree.

Love at First (Home) Site

In March of 2021, Sharon and her daughter came to look at the community, and they fell in love with Kissing Tree. That same day, Sharon signed a contract on the one Cottage Home that was available. “I had originally wanted a bigger house,” Sharon says, “but the lot that was available could only fit a Spieth. I thought, I can live with a Spieth. I picked everything that first day – the upgrades and the finishes.”

Big Excitement, Big Changes

In October, Sharon retired from her job of 17 years at H-E-B, and her daughter in Buda had a new baby. Sharon’s house in Kingwood sold quickly, and she focused on downsizing, knowing she was going from 2700 square feet to around 1600. “I had to get rid of a lot of stuff,” Sharon says. “I don’t have a couch!” She put her remaining belongings in storage near Kissing Tree and moved in with her daughter to help with the grandchildren.

Sharon’s house in Kissing Tree was originally slated to be completed in October or November, but due to national supply shortages, progress has been slower than expected. While it’s been frustrating, Sharon appreciates regular updates from Kirsti Peffers, her Customer Guide. “She’ll let me know what’s happening: the foundation went in, insulation went in,” Sharon says.

Meeting the Neighbors

Kirsti has also been a huge help in introducing Sharon to people in the community. “She’s contacted some other single ladies and asked if I could get in touch with them.” Sharon has already had coffee with several of her future neighbors, and she looks forward to bringing everyone together. “Some people are still working, so we haven’t gotten together as a group yet,” Sharon says. “We might try to pull it off in the next month or so.”

Sharon has also been getting to know her new neighbors on Ace Lane. She went to a Cottage meeting several weeks ago, and she has met her neighbors to the left and right. A few weeks ago, she brought her grandchildren swimming at Kissing Tree’s gorgeous pools.

Beginning the Next Phase

Now, Sharon’s house is almost done, and she’s hoping to be able to move in by September or October. “When I walked in last Friday, I was extremely satisfied with what I saw,” Sharon says. “The flooring, cabinets, and countertops are all in. They just need to fine tune the inside.” As she waits for the final appliances to be delivered and installed, Sharon is ready for what’s next. “I’m excited about starting the second stage of my life and getting to know new friends.”

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