Meet Linda New - Kissing Tree
Nov 17th, 2020

Meet Linda New

You’ve probably heard about the new smaller homes available in The Villas and The Cottages here at Kissing Tree, and our first Villa residents are now moving in and becoming part of the community! Linda New was the third Villa resident to move in, and we were excited to sit down recently to find out how she’s adjusting to life here at Kissing Tree.

Welcome to Kissing Tree, Linda! So tell us, are you moved in?

I just moved in about three-and-a-half weeks ago, so I’m really new. I was the third Villa to move in. I’m in a construction zone right now!

How did you find Kissing Tree?

I first found it about two or three years ago! I was doing a search for 55+ communities, and I think I saw an ad for it on Facebook. I came out here with my friend who’s my realtor, and at that point they just had traditional houses. I didn’t want a house, but I knew smaller homes were coming, so I quit looking and waited. Then last year about this time, on the KT Facebook page, I saw a post pop up saying, “We now have Villas!” So, I called my realtor friend and told her we had to go back to Kissing Tree and check these out! That was in October of last year, and I signed a contract a couple weeks after that. I lived in a condo in Austin before this, and I knew I didn’t want the responsibility of a house. This was exactly what I was looking for.

How did you know Kissing Tree was the right place for you?

It was close to Austin, and I loved the community. When you drive in, it’s just awesome! It’s like Disneyland for adults! They have all this great music playing, and it’s just beautiful. Plus, for me, I’m only about 30 miles from where I used to live, and I’m still close to my daughter and grandkids in Dripping Springs. I knew I wanted to be in a place where there were active adults, and it’s fun here! It’s easy to get to, everything is close by, and there are things going on and pools – it has everything!

So which floorplan did you choose?

I have the Seawall. I just liked the openness of it, and the high ceilings in the living room. And it has a huge kitchen!

Kissing Tree’s Seawall Model Home Kitchen

And the Villas have lawn maintenance included?

Yes – it gives me MORE time to do the things that are important to me! Kissing Tree does an amazing job on maintaining my yard. I especially love the flowering plants and bushes!

Was security an issue for you as you were considering where to move?

Having security gates and guards 24/7 is very important and makes me feel safe in my Villa. It is so nice to see the friendly KT security guy driving throughout the neighborhood every day.

Do you have any pets?

Not yet! Maybe a dog at some point. But right now I’m just trying to get settled.

What part of the Kissing Tree community are you most excited about?

Probably the people and the activities. I met a lady at the nail salon down the road, and we started chatting, and she said she lived in Kissing Tree, too! So we exchanged info, and she invited me to her cul-de-sac party, which I went to last week! Everybody I talk to, my friends and business associates, says, “I’ve heard about that place!” I keep telling them to come down! The word’s out about Kissing Tree!

Are you still working?

Yes! I’m an insurance agent, and I work by myself from home. I’ve been in insurance for more than 40 years, and I work with people of all ages but I specialize in Medicare supplements. I’ve already gotten clients here! At the cul-de-sac party, someone said, “Oh, you’re the Medicare lady!”

What are your hobbies?

I just bought a bike, and this is a perfect place to ride it. I like to swim. I’m going to try Pickleball, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. Right now, I’m still trying to get my house set up—hanging pictures and drapes. I like to shop. I recently discovered the shops in New Braunfels, and I was in heaven! Oh, and I’m planning on getting a golf cart. But not right away. I have to get my garage in order first!

What would you say to someone thinking of moving to Kissing Tree?

You need to come see it for yourself. It’s got beautiful landscaping, and everyone is so friendly and open to meeting people. There are so many different types of homes to choose from, and it’s right between Austin and San Antonio, so it’s close to everything! Why wouldn’t you?! It’s a beautiful place!

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