Meet Anne & Marc - Kissing Tree
Oct 03rd, 2023

Meet Anne & Marc

When Anne and Marc LeGare moved to Kissing Tree in February of 2023, they had already spent a year becoming part of the community. Their house in College Station sold quickly, so while their new Kissing Tree home was being built, they lived in their RV about 4 miles away. Once you sign your contract at Kissing Tree, you get full access to all of the community’s amenities and activities, from parties and pickleball to the pools and the fitness center, so Marc and Anne had tons of friends and activities to keep them busy. “We actually came to Kissing Tree at the same time as everyone moving in on Calming Agave Way,” Anne says. “We didn’t live here yet, but we did everything with them!”

Redefining retirement community

Anne first heard about Kissing Tree in 2021 from her dear friend Beverly Pritchett. The two had met 45 years earlier at an officer training when they were both serving in the Army. “Once we got out, we stayed in touch,” Anne says. “We were in College Station, and she was in Austin.” When Beverly first told Anne that she was moving to Kissing Tree, Anne didn’t think she’d ever want to live in a 55+ community. “I thought, ‘Oh, that’s nice for you but not for me,’” Anne says. 

That summer, Anne and Marc’s identical twins got married within 6 weeks of each other. One of the weddings was in Dripping Springs, and while they were close, Anne and Marc came to visit Beverly at Kissing Tree. “As soon as we drove under the bridge, we knew,” Anne says. “We had a camping trip the next weekend, and when we got back, we put our house on the market.” 

Don’t cheat on the 7th hole!

Anne and Marc’s back window overlooks the sand traps of the 7th hole, and they often tell people they have beachfront property. They often see people in the sand traps looking for balls and trying to hit them out. “Here’s the deal,” Marc says. “If you hit a poor approach shot on the 7th green, we’re watching. But if you hit a good approach shot, we may never see you!” 

The LeGares have seen more than one golfer pull some shenanigans. “We’ve seen people find their ball in the sand trap and throw it out like they hope no one is watching,” Anne laughs. The LeGares were so inspired by their view that the painting they chose for their living room depicts a golf cart in a sand trap.

Activities galore

Since coming to Kissing Tree, the LeGare’s have jumped in with both feet. Marc enjoys playing golf and volunteers in several ministry programs through their church. Anne takes part in multiple groups including the Wildflower Stomp Committee, the Soul Sisters, Bible Study, and the Thoughtful Hearts. Both Marc and Anne enjoy riding their new electric bikes to pickleball; on the court, Anne has the benefit of being a former tennis player. 

Friends for life

The LeGare’s favorite thing about Kissing Tree is the strong friendships they’ve made; they love  their neighbors and feel deeply connected to them. “The friendships have been amazing,” Anne says. “Here, it’s like we’re all in the same place: we’re all about the same age, and we’re all in the same stage of life, and that gives us an instant common ground.”

Marc has noticed that Kissing Tree is the first place where people don’t ask each other what they do. “At almost every other venue, that’s a guy question,” Marc says. “Here, people ask, ‘What’s your name, how long have you been here, and let me introduce you.’ People are not concerned with what you’ve been; they want to know who you are. I’ve never been in a place like that before.”

Close to family

Family was also a big pull for Marc and Anne’s move to Kissing Tree: their first grandbaby lives nearby in Austin. And the LeGares’ five children and their significant others all love spending time at Kissing Tree. “Our whole family loves to be here – it’s like coming to a resort,” Anne says. “We love to take our little guy into the pool and on the golf cart. This is a great place to be grandparents – and a great place to share with our family.”  

Even though they chose their homesite so they could turn their RV around, Marc and Anne sold their RV shortly after they moved into their new home. “Why would we drive to an RV resort when we’re living in a resort?” Anne says. “There’s nothing that living in a resort would bring us that we’re not getting here.”

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