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Nov 23rd, 2017

Living Sweet Life While Saving – Tips for Retirees

As a retiree, you might have big plans for your free time. You might be planning to buy a vacation home or travel or open a business. Whichever plan you have, you will need a retirement fund. One of the biggest fear, however, is lack of enough money to live the life one envisioned. This is true considering that people are living longer than they used to a few years ago.

Saving during retirement will depend on a number of factors including salary and expenditure. Some ways to save include:

Consolidate your Accounts

If you have had different retirement plans, consolidate them and that will be a good investment option. After you consolidate a number of IRA accounts, a process called IRA rollover, into a single account, you reduce the fees you incur maintaining them. Again, you pay less transaction fees, seeing that sales and purchases are less from a single account. This account is easy to manage.

Take a Retirement Job

Your paycheck might stop but the bills will continue streaming in. Your savings might not cater for all the bills and allow you to do other things. So, you need to take a job. Again, what will you do with all the free time you have? For many retirees, taking a retirement job is not a good idea, but a part time job is in order. You have the opportunity to choose a job that you like. The job will also keep you busy and keep your mind engaged.


There are different ways to invest in retirement. You can invest in Forex, Bonds, Shares, and other ways. You can also start a small business, like a small online kiosk. Before you start any investment, you need to research well and ensure you do not end up wasting your money.

Control your Spending

Even after you have moved to a 55+ community you still need to control your spending. You can cut out some of the things that you do not need, luxuries, and unnecessary expenditures. First, you will need to be aware of your retirement fund and come up with a budget. Unlike in normal budgets where you plan for a week or month, you need to plan for a year or more and be ready for uncertainties.

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