Introducing Veterans’ Plaza - Kissing Tree
Nov 07th, 2023

Introducing Veterans’ Plaza

At Kissing Tree, we love our veterans, and we wanted a tangible way to express our gratitude and pay tribute to those who have served in the armed forces. That’s why our HOA has been working with the Kissing Tree Veterans’ Group to plan a public space to honor and recognize our veterans’ service and sacrifice.

Welcome to Veterans’ Plaza

After months of planning and design, we are excited to share renderings of Veterans’ Plaza! This reverent spot will be a place for all residents of Kissing Tree to celebrate and honor their loved ones and friends, both living and deceased. The plaza will be home to Texas, American, and POW-MIA flags, all atop a raised platform in front of a beautiful limestone wall. Curved benches will offer spots for resting and quiet reflection. Memorial pavers will cover the ground, creating a lasting tribute and sharing the names of our friends, family, and loved ones.

A lasting memorial

The plaza will be located on the west side of The Mix complex, offering a special space on campus to hold memorials and special events and honor those who served in the armed forces. The creation of such a space is the joint vision of community leaders, their families, and the people who have committed to creating the vision for a place like Kissing Tree in the Texas Hill Country.

Paving the way

Kissing Tree Residents and neighbors from near and far are able to purchase the memorial brick pavers that will comprise the deck area of the plaza. Bricks are available in 4×8 and 8×8 sizes, and are available for purchase at the front desk in Independence Hall. The money raised from the sale of the bricks will fund the creation of the plaza, and there are also plans for a golf tournament in the Spring to raise additional funds to support the construction. Depending on how fundraising goes, ground could be broken for the plaza in mid-2024. For more information on buying a brick for your loved one, please talk to our front desk staff or members of our Kissing Tree Veterans’ Group, which is heading up the sales effort.

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