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Jan 26th, 2021

Howdy There, Neighbors!

Adjusting to life during a pandemic has been weird, but one of the silver linings has been Porch Portraits! We’ve found it’s a great way for our residents to get to know each other, commemorate these times, and show off their beautiful homes. That’s why we were thrilled to have our favorite photographer Tyler, of The Mill Photography Studio, come back out to Kissing Tree with his telephoto lens to do some more short photo sessions with our residents and find out why they love Kissing Tree!

Mel & Mary Magsino

After meeting in the Army and living all over the world, the Magsinos have finally come home to Kissing Tree. When they lived in Hawaii, one of their favorite holidays was Thanksgiving. They would decorate the house and yard (mainly palm trees) for Christmas and have family/friends over for a Thanksgiving meal. Their favorite day-after-Thanksgiving tradition was to hit the beach for a run followed by a swim in the warm ocean, but they can’t that here in Texas!

“We tell our friends thinking about moving that we love it here. We love our house and neighborhood, but we truly love our community and the people who call this place home.”

Mark & Debbie Burroughs

You might already know porch troubadour Mark Burroughs from past blog posts or from hearing him singing around Kissing Tree! The Burroughs have lived at Kissing Tree for more than 2 years, and they love visiting with their wonderful neighbors and spending time at the gym.

If you’re thinking about moving to Kissing Tree, they say, “Do it. And do it now! It has been one of the best decisions we have made.”

Eric & Pam Scott

In October, 2019, Eric and Pam move to Kissing Tree because it seemed like an adult resort and the perfect place to start their next chapter. They keep active playing pickleball and golf, and they love spending time in the great room of their new home because it’s the perfect place to live, read and entertain.

“It’s about the lifestyle; enjoy it and accept the small things.”

Mike & Susan Chinoransky

When we talked to Mike and Susan, they had only been living at Kissing Tree for one day! Welcome, y’all! They moved here to be closer to grandchildren, and they’re excited to play pickleball and bocce ball. They’re looking forward to getting to know everyone once the pandemic is over.

“We love our living room—it has so many windows and a great view!”

Marla Loring (with Lollipop)

Marla moved to Kissing Tree for fun, retirement, and downsizing. Look for her and her miniature dachshund Lollipop on walks in the neighborhood. She also has a sweet Siamese kitty named Kauai, and she takes both of them when she goes glamping on RV trips around the country.

This is one of the best investments and decisions I’ve ever made; one can be as active or as sedate as they choose. The neighbors are delightful and it’s close to San Antonio and Austin, so even outside of KT, there’s a never ending supply of fun!!”

Steven & Fern Hester

The Hesters have only been at Kissing Tree for 5 months, but they already feel right at home. They’re enjoying the community and amenities, as well as staying busy at home with mosaics, computers, amateur radio, arts and crafts, photography, and reading. They also love exploring the community while walking their two rescue dogs Lucy, a Scottish Terrier, and Charlie, a Cairn Terrier.

“You can’t get here soon enough!”

Tracy & Jeff Hall (with Bella & Sofi)

Tracey and Jeff put the “active” in active adult lifestyle! When they’re not hiking, biking, and traveling, you’ll find them at the swimming pools or fitness center. Look for them walking their mini Australian Shepherds, Bella and Sofi, or spending time on their back patio, watching the views of the ranch and wildlife.

“We are always encouraging our friends to join us here. The community and residents here make everyone feel like they belong!”

Sandra & Bob Zwick

Sandra made the move to Kissing Tree for the amenities, and to be closer to family in Austin. While she’s only been here for six months, she’s already made friends and stays busy playing golf and going to a cardiac splash swim class. Her favorite room is her living room, for the fireplace, vaulted ceilings, glass sliders, flooring, and beautiful furniture.

“The people are fantastic.”

Deb & Luke Brohaugh

The Brohaughs didn’t move to Kissing Tree alone—they brought their three dogs, Brody, an Australian Shepherd, Rocky, a mini Schnauzer, and Chloe, a 16-year-old mini Dachshund. They love their new home for its cozy living room, and they’ve been spending time in the neighborhood playing golf and going to water aerobics.

“You’ll love it here!”

Perry & Marianne Moore

Perry and Marianne have only been here at Kissing Tree for a few months, but they’re already getting out and playing pickleball, bocce ball, and tennis. The couple chose KT for its security, appearance, amenities, friendliness—and most of all, FUN EVENTS. They’re excited to go to more events at The Mix and to entertain on their beautiful back porch.

“There are beautiful homes and a real community vibe.”

Marvin & Lisa Walling

A little more than a year ago, the Wallings chose Kissing Tree because they were looking for an active adult community. Since moving in, they’ve loved the live music nights and playing bocce ball. The kitchen is their favorite room in their new home since they love cooking.

“It’s an amazing community of people.”

Sharon & Kim Roberson

Since moving to Kissing Tree almost 2 years ago, the Robersons have fallen in love with the neighborhood and their neighbors. They told us that there’s always something to do and so many groups to join. Sharon and Kim spend a lot of time on their porch with their sweet dogs, Bijoux, a  chocolate Labrador and Cocoa, a brown Labradoddle.

“Love the community! Great amenities and the home plan selection was great.”

Ken & Dorothy London (with Asia)

The Londons chose Kissing Tree for the location, but since moving around two years ago, Ken’s also developed quite a mean pickleball game. If he’s not on the court, you can find him and Dorothy at home, relaxing with their golden retriever, Asia, or putting on cooking demonstrations for the neighbors.

“It’s a super friendly community.”

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