Welcome Rich and Pat! - Kissing Tree
Apr 18th, 2023

Welcome Rich and Pat!

We first talked to Rich and Pat Stebbins last year when they had just signed the contract on their Cottage home. Keep in mind, when you sign your contract at Kissing Tree, you can use all of our amenities when your home is being built. Last month, the Stebbins closed on their Speith, and now the fun is really beginning!

From dream to reality

During construction, Rich and Pat went down from Austin to Kissing Tree about once a month, often taking family and friends to show them the progress. Their foundation was poured in July, and their son Brian joined them on their visit to see the property and check out the amenities. The framing was done by August, and Rich and Pat enjoyed using the pool and hot tub while surveying the progress. Plumbing, electric, and HVAC went in during the fall, and sheetrock was in by December. When Rich and Pat came down in February, the cabinets and flooring were installed, and soon enough it was time for the final walk through with their builder before their closing at the end of March. 

Time to get moving 

Now that they’ve closed, Pat and Rich have slowly started moving in. “It’s going to be a process,” Rich says. “We have enough furniture down there that we can spend the day waiting for deliveries or managing contractors like the cable guy. We’re getting things ready, but this move is a big downsize for us. It’s a good thing – we’re going from 4 bedrooms and 2,650 square feet to 2 bedrooms and 1,591 square feet!” 

Rich and Pat are thrilled with how things turned out. “To see it built, walking around inside of it, has been great,” Rich says. “We’re really pleased with the lot; the houses are not that close together, there’s at least 20 feet between them. In some modern developments, the houses are only like 4 feet apart.” 

Spaces for everyone

The Stebbins plan to use one of the bedrooms for Patty’s art studio, adding a Murphy bed for times when they have guests. “Patty is an accomplished artist,” Rich says. “She does sketching and watercolors. We’re planning to use the study for my office. I trade stocks and futures on an active basis, so the room will have my desk and lots of computer equipment. I also do some consulting on the side, so it needs to be very professional looking for my Zoom calls.”

Goodbye Austin, hello KT

As they’re getting things ready at Kissing Tree, Pat and Rich are busy packing and getting their home in Austin’s Northwest Hills area ready to sell. They haven’t met their new Kissing Tree neighbors yet, but they’re looking forward to it. “We’re not in social mode yet,” Rich says, “But we expect to be in the next few weeks! We’ve waved at a few neighbors from the car. All the houses around us are in the same stage as ours, so we should meet folks soon.”

Want to be Rich and Pat’s neighbor here at Kissing Tree? Check out our latest Cottage homes. We also have three brand new Villa floor plans, all of which include lawn maintenance for easy living. If you’re ready to move in without a wait for construction, check out our Move-in Ready homes

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