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Nov 02nd, 2017

Staying Active When Retired

Active adult communities like Kissing Tree are ideal places to get involved in leisure and recreational activities. Whether you prefer the indoors or the outdoors, there are many ways to remain physically and mentally active long after your working years.

Go Back to Work!

Although you may no longer wish to work full time, working part-time can be a good way to ease out of the working life, especially if you previously worked long hours or worked a job you enjoyed. Across all disciplines, teaching is one of the most common jobs that retirees hold. Whether it’s working as a part-time instructor sharing your passion for birding, mathematics, or science, or holding a job as a substitute teacher at a local school, passing along your knowledge and expertise to others can be an emotionally and socially rewarding exercise. You can even earn a bit of extra income in the process.


Whether you’re spending afternoons at the community center, cleaning up a local park on weekends, or dedicating your time to a good cause, volunteering is a perfect way to do something you love while simultaneously helping others. Getting out and about is a great way to meet others and stay connected to what’s happening in the area around you. Those in boomer communities often bond over volunteering, as it is a fun, low-stress group activity that lets individuals engage in their passions.

Keep Learning

For people with active minds, breaking away from the stimulation of work or other intellectual activity can be very difficult. Check to see if you can audit a class at a local educational institution. With the advent of technology, many seniors are also enrolling in online courses on a variety of topics. Even though you are now officially out of the workforce, this is the time in your life to explore a new language, learn an instrument, or take a cooking class. On a daily basis, simple tasks like reading a book or the newspaper or doing crossword puzzles and brain twisters provide enough mental stimulation to keep the brain sharp.

Perform Aerobic Activities

Regardless of your age and level of physical fitness, having a regular workout routine is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind agile and fit. No need to train like an Olympian for results, either: walking or lightly jogging for 30 minutes each day is an easy way to stay healthy. Swimming is a perfect full-body workout, and it’s non weight-bearing, which eliminates stress on your joints. Doing moderate weight lifting several times a week is enough to keep your heart and lungs in good condition. Multiple studies have also shown that aerobic activities are good for improving memory.

Take Up Yoga

If you are looking for group activities in a boomer community, yoga is one of the best choices for group fitness. It helps to improve balance and coordination, which are functions that people tend to lose as they age. Yoga is also a good way to retain flexibility and reduce stress. As it is less taxing on the joints, yoga is a popular choice of activity for individuals who are less fit or have physical limitations. Don’t forget to sign up for beginners yoga classes at Kissing Tree:

Learn Something New

Have you always been curious about golf, watched pros in Wimbledon with envy, or wished you could mirror your neighbor’s beautiful rose garden? With your newfound free time, why not try something new! You may discover a talent that you never had, which can bring a sense of pride and achievement. Learning new things like cooking and gardening is also a great way to bond with others who have similar interests.

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