Safe and Sound at Kissing Tree - Kissing Tree
Jan 19th, 2021

Safe and Sound at Kissing Tree

There are so many things that come together to make Kissing Tree such an extraordinary community, but one of the things we rarely think to mention is what a safe place it is to live. From our gated guardhouse that screens all guests and visitors to our 24-7 roaming patrol, Kissing Tree is devoted to protecting our residents. We recently sat down with Officer Cynthia Torres, the district supervisor at SENTRYSIX Defense Group, to hear more about how she runs the Kissing Tree security program.

A 24-7 Onsite Security Team

Officer Torres was first hired by SENTRYSIX several years ago to work onsite at Kissing Tree, but quickly rose through the company ranks to a management position. Lucky for us, she’s still on the property with us here at Kissing Tree several mornings a week. As a licensed peace officer in Zavala County, Officer Torres brings practical and tactical training to her work, as well as a thorough understanding of the neighborhood and residents.

“We are on 24 hours here at Kissing Tree,” Officer Torres says. “We man the entry guard house and also a roving patrol, so we’re never closed.” Many of the officers work consistent shifts, which helps with learning residents’ names, faces, and routines. The team not only patrols the neighborhood streets, but also monitors facilities such as Independence Hall and the model park and keeps an eye throughout the property via closed-circuit cameras.

“I Like That There’s Someone Here”

Kissing Tree resident Marla L. has lived in the Fannin section of Kissing Tree since May, and she loves the feeling of safety that Kissing Tree’s security team provides. “I’ve lived in gated communities for the last 15 years, and I like the fact that this gated community has onsite security guards.” As a single woman living alone (with her guard dachshund, Lollipop), Marla appreciates the team’s attention to detail. “I see them patrolling 3-4 times a day around the neighborhood, and when my daughters come to visit, they have to stop and say who they’re going to see. I like that there’s someone here.”

Eyes On Things When You’re Out Of Town

As an RV traveler, Marla also appreciates that the Kissing Tree Security Team keeps an eye on her property when she’s out of town. “I travel a bit in my RV, and all I have to do is tell them I’m going to be gone and they keep an eye on the place for me.” These courtesy patrols are just one of the services offered by the team. “If you’re going to be gone and want us to check in, we ask that you fill out a form with all your information,” says Officer Torres. “We’ll need to know if anyone is going to be coming by to walk the dog or feed cats, or if anyone should be parked in the driveway. We’ll do a 360-check around the property and check doors and windows once every shift.”

Fast Response Time

When there is an emergency situation at Kissing Tree, such as an alarm going off or someone calling EMS, The Kissing Tree Security Team is there to provide a speedy response. “We’re right there, and we help out San Marcos police,” says Officer Torres. “It’s usually people setting off their own alarms, but we still go and check it out. And when accidents happen, we help as much as we can. We have our own dispatch system through SENTRYSIX, so they can send EMS our way.”

And Of Course, There Are The Dog Treats

Many residents with four-legged friends appreciate the dog treats that the security team carries with them. “When I walk Lollipop, the Security people always wave—they’re so friendly,” Marla says. “And occasionally they will stop and give Lollipop a cookie.”

“We’re here for customer service, and we love waving at everyone,” Officer Torres says. “We have a box of dog treats, and we love to talk to all the residents and get to know people by name. It’s a great community to be a part of.”

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