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Jun 03rd, 2019

New Pool and Fitness Center Update!

Can you believe that summer is just around the corner? The weather is getting warmer every day, and those yummy Fudgsicles in the freezer section are looking mighty inviting. It’s probably high time for an update on the new Kissing Tree Pool and Fitness Center!

We Broke Ground! As you may have already noticed, we recently broke ground for the new project, which is going to create a fun and eclectic spa-like atmosphere for residents and their new neighbors and guests. With a blend of geometric and natural elements that bring the outdoors inside, this new Pool and Fitness Center will be different than what you’ll find in any other active adult community near Austin, TX!

What You Can Expect: Our plan is to have the indoor pool ready to open in early 2020, and the outdoor pool and fitness center will follow later that summer. The fitness center will include locker rooms, a movement room and an indoor lap pool. The outside pool will feature lounge seating, sunning sofas, a jacuzzi and more!

What You Can Experience: Sure, it’s going to be a great place to stay fit, burn off those chocolate popsicles we mentioned earlier, and soak up some sun, but we hope that residents will think of the new Pool and Fitness Center as much more than that. It’s going to be the hot hangout for cool friends and neighbors. Whether you’re doing some yoga while facing wide-open doors that bring nature into the studio or just hanging out by the pool, conversations and experiences will move seamlessly from the outside to the inside, giving you the very best of both worlds.

What We Think You’re Gonna LOVE! With its blending of indoor and outdoor pool elements and the look and feel of a spa, there’s no place quite like our new Pool and Fitness Center anywhere in the San Antonio or Austin area. It’s more than a place to work out or play; it’s a place for neighbors to spend time together and get to know each other better. With living walls and plenty of greenspace, it brings the best elements of the indoors and the outdoors together in a totally up-to-date setting!

Let’s Hear from the Interior Designer! All of this is being put together with the help of Senior Interior Designer Jenelle Lovings of Creative License International (CLi). She has worked on some of the other areas of Kissing Tree, including our Welcome Center and Independence Hall, which is our social hub. So, if you’ve visited us before, you’ve probably seen some of her incredible design work already. While we wait and watch all the exciting developments come together, we thought we’d talk a little with Jenelle to learn more about her and what went into designing our new Pool and Fitness Center!

Kissing Tree: To start, tell us about yourself, Jenelle.

Jenelle Lovings: I started out as a St. Louis gal, though I’ve been living in Phoenix for eight years. While I got my start in residential interior design, I’ve been with CLi for two years now transitioning from residential to commercial design, which lets me work on projects like this one that are a benefit to so many people!

KT: Tell us about your inspiration and philosophy of design.

Jenelle: For some of the earlier Kissing Tree interior design projects, we looked at elements that were already in place, and that’s how I like to get started, taking into consideration the overall look and feel and overlaying new concepts and elements onto the bones that are already there.

We drew on nostalgia for some of the project’s abstract design elements such as oversized dimensional figures doing activities like swimming and working out.

KT: When did you start this new part of the Kissing Tree project?

Jenelle: My first projects at Kissing Tree were the Welcome Center and social building, which I started working on in in March or April of 2018. The Pool and Fitness Center design concept work started in the autumn of last year.

KT: What do you like best so far?

Jenelle: For the pool area, I’m really excited about the sofas that sit on the sun shelf and how they’re incorporated with umbrellas into a sort of outdoor living room. In the fitness center, I love the graphic along the wall. There’s some really fun tile, as well.

KT: What is your favorite thing to do in Texas?

Jenelle: Visiting downtown Austin. Going to Lambert’s Downtown Barbecue. First time I ever had BBQ brisket. Blew my mind. We have good BBQ ribs in St. Louis, but this was something to go out of the way for!



We can’t wait for the new Pool and Fitness Center to open so that all of our residents can see what we have in store for them! Unfortunately, it won’t be ready in time for everyone to enjoy it this summer, but we anticipate completion of the indoor pool early next year. The outdoor pool and fitness center should be done by summer 2020. We hope to see y’all lounging by the pool then! In the meantime, keep your eyes on the Kissing Tree blog for updates!

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