Meet Our CEO, Lisa - Kissing Tree
Jul 31st, 2023

Meet Our CEO, Lisa

If you’ve been to the KT Welcome Center, you’ve met Lisa Vaquera, our dynamic Customer Experience Officer (or just CEO) who keeps it all running smoothly. Between welcoming guests, supporting the sales team, and maintaining the model homes, Lisa has a lot of moving parts to keep track of, and she does it all while smiling and having a great time. Not only that, she’s the best source on the property for the latest KT news, local pie recommendations, and even an icy cold root beer. We were thrilled to get her on the phone to hear how she does it all – and what she loves about Kissing Tree.

KT: Thank you for doing this! So let’s start with the basics. What do you do each day at the Welcome Center?

Lisa: I’m usually the first one here, and we open up the models and activate the Welcome Center. That involves turning on the fun areas and checking the calendars for the team. At the counter, we have what we call our Star Trek board – we man two other computers with calendars, two communication methods, traffic reports, prospect logs and 3 telephones! We get all of that started and put in our sales team line up for the day, and that gets us ready for our first guests!

KT: Oh wow! That’s a lot! How do you even keep track of all those moving parts?

Lisa: We have lists we follow, and there are systems in place to make sure everything is ready. It’s definitely a multitasking dance, but it’s so much fun and there’s something different every day.

KT: What do you wish people knew about the Welcome Center?

Lisa: I think the most important thing we want people to know is that we’re here for them, and we want to go at their pace. This is their time, and we want them to be relaxed. It’s a process, and we’re here for them on that journey, especially if they need snacks, sodas or coffee! Our customers are our top priority.

KT: Did you grow up here in San Marcos?

Lisa: No, I grew up in Waco, and moved to San Marcos in late 90s to finish school with 3 kids. I fell in love with the Hill Country and never left, and now my grandkids are being raised here! I love it here! Brookfield chose the location for Kissing Tree very carefully. They picked a spot that’s right between Austin and San Antonio, and we have it all! In San Marcos and the surrounding Hays County, you’ll find the best bar, the best piece of pie, and the best farmers’ market! I want people to fall in love with the area!

KT: Do you have any pets?

Lisa: I’m an old cat lady! I’ve always adopted cats from local animal shelter, and I have a beautiful, sassy tortoiseshell cat named Summer! She hates my kids, and her tail sticks straight out.

KT: How long have you been at Kissing Tree?

Lisa: I just celebrated my 5 year anniversary!

KT: What’s your favorite part of your job?

Lisa: My favorite thing is all of the processes and finding solutions in the chaos of it! There’s nothing better than when you drive through the guardhouse entrance. There hasn’t been one day when I’ve dreaded going to work. I mean, look where I work! I take pictures once a week or so! It was always my goal in life to find something this wonderful this close to retirement! After 30 years in sales, it’s amazing being here. There are no bad days!

Ready to meet Lisa for yourself? Come into our Welcome Center anytime and say hi!

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