Meet Kissing Tree Resident and Decorated Veteran, Jack Pryor - Kissing Tree
Oct 30th, 2018

Meet Kissing Tree Resident and Decorated Veteran, Jack Pryor

Jack Pryor and his wife, Debbie, lived in San Antonio for 12 years before deciding it was time to start looking for an active adult community to fit their lifestyle. They searched near and far (as far away as Tennessee) and never found anything that fit their needs. Little did they know, their future community was right in their Central Texas backyard.

After seeing an ad and checking out the community for the first time, the Pryors quickly moved into a move-in ready home. They are currently building their forever home with the Clarkson floor plan, complete with a casita and a pool to host friends and family, including four kids and eight grandkids. The location is ideal considering they have kids on both the East Coast and West Coast as well as San Antonio. Jack also likes the proximity of being close to both the Austin and San Antonio airports for his frequent traveling.

We like the feel, tone and texture of Kissing Tree,” said Jack. “It feels a lot like living on a military post in the aspect that it’s a strong community—if you need anything from anyone, they’d step right up.”

Jack knows first-hand about living on a military post, as he has 50 years of experience working in and with the United States Military. Born and raised in Fresno, California, Jack was first drafted to the Army in 1964 where he ended up in special forces as an infantryman during a tour in Vietnam. He spent two more tours there, eventually becoming a platoon leader and then a division staff officer.

Following the invasion of Panama, Jack was invited to advise the President of Panama and his executive leadership, where he successfully bridged communications between the Government of Panama and the US diplomatic and military missions. His efforts during multiple deployments and assignments in Panama, Spain and Vietnam resulted in a Purple Heart and Silver Star among many other notable awards and decorations.

One of his proudest accomplishments was during his time as president of the Army Management Engineering College where he led major educational reforms, including successfully privatizing the college and growing it from 7,000 to 56,000 students during his tenure.

While Jack has hit retirement age, he has no intention of slowing down. He currently operates several small businesses, serves on a variety of advisory boards and works as an independent consultant. Outside of work, he’s a family man traveling to see his kids and grandkids any chance he gets. He’s also involved in different groups and activities at Kissing Tree, including the Kissing Tree Veterans Group and the Golf Cart Club.

“Debbie and I love the people, the culture and the food here in San Marcos,” said Jack. “We’re able to relax, enjoy life and make new friends—we like it here.”

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