Meet Brooke Roseland - Kissing Tree
Jan 18th, 2023

Meet Brooke Roseland

When Brooke Roseland was growing up in the small mountain town of Red Lodge, Montana, she never expected to one day call Texas home. Now as Kissing Tree’s Director of Food and Beverage, Brooke runs The Bar, Sam’s Café, The Stump, and she’s deep in the midst of planning for our new restaurant, Tarbox and Brown. We sat down with Brooke to talk about how she got started, what she loves about Kissing Tree, and why the Easy Rider pale ale is so popular.

KT: Thanks for doing this! How did you get started in hospitality?

B: I actually spent my early twenties in Sheridan, Wyoming, bartending and beverage carting at two other Troon properties, The Powder Horn and The Rib and Chop House. When my boyfriend and I decided to move to Texas to be closer to my parents, my general manager recommended that I get a job at Kissing Tree, which has a golf course run by Troon.

KT: That’s perfect! What was your first job at Kissing Tree?

B: I was actually hired as an assistant golf pro! In the early days, there wasn’t a golf course yet, so my job mostly entailed checking out golf carts to visitors so they could tour the property. It’s great, though, because a lot of those people became our KT Pioneers, and I still see them around all the time!

KT: Sounds like a far cry from Director of Food and Beverage! What’s a typical day like now?

B: It’s always something different! I manage our staff, take care of hiring, order products, conducting monthly inventories, and keep track of our banking and a lot of paperwork. Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time planning for our new restaurant, Tarbox and Brown.

KT: Oooh let’s talk about that! What can you tell us about Tarbox and Brown?

B: We’ve shared some plans and renderings, but there’s a lot more still to come! It’s very exciting. At this point, the most challenging aspect is getting all of the moving parts to come together so we have a beautiful finished product. Our staff has been busy ordering supplies, planning what equipment we’ll need, and all those sorts of things.

KT: What’s your favorite part of working at Kissing Tree?

B: I love getting to work closely with our resident groups to plan special events. For the We Love Wine club, every month we do a tasting event where the leaders of club pick wines from a different region; for example, we’ve had a pinot noir event and an Oregon event. We’ll bring in a few cases and let everyone try them, and then they can order cases to take home at a deeply discounted price. For the Craft Beer group, we’ve done tap takeover events where we’ll pick a local distributor or type of beer and put them on our taps for the event. We have so many local breweries here around Kissing Tree, like Middleton Brewery. The Easy Rider blonde ale is really popular during those events, and it’s brewed 30 minutes from KT!

KT: What do you think it is that makes Kissing Tree so special?

B: I think Kissing Tree is so special because it’s a culmination of people from all different walks of life – all over country, all over Texas, all age ranges – and they create these friend groups and clubs and spend social time developing these amazing relationships. And that bleeds over into strong relationships with staff on property as well. They always are asking about my pets, and around the holidays, we notice that the residents are so generous, give gift cards and treats. It’s true friendship, and it’s so special. I haven’t seen that in a property before. It’s such a unique place.

Thanks to Brooke for taking time out of her busy schedule to chat with us! If you’d like to find those amazing relationships at Kissing Tree, come join us! Find your home now or call a New Home Counselor at 512-379-5856 to hear about our latest availability and incentives.

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