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Local Artist Beautifies Kissing Tree

If you’ve visited the Temporary Sales and Design Center, then you’ve probably seen the mural that decorates one of our shipping containers. If not, it’s worth a visit!

Three lifestyle imperatives drive the design of the homes and community at Kissing Tree: health and well-being, the food revolution, and arts and culture.

In an effort to incorporate arts and culture, Kissing Tree selected local San Marcos artist and Texas State University graduate, Brian “Buddy” Pajak, to design and paint a centerpiece for the development.

“When coming up with a design, it was important to take into consideration the size and orientation of the shipping container,” said Pajak. “I also wanted to include as many elements that define San Marcos, as well as Kissing Tree.”

To accomplish this, Pajak chose to paint a river scene to illustrate the importance of the San Marcos River to the community. On the banks of the river, he features a majestic live oak to represent the tree for which the community is named after.

“I wanted residents to be immersed in the narrative when they look at the mural,” Pajak said. “I wanted them to feel as though everything was there on purpose.”

Pajak hopes the individual viewing the mural can admire the scenery and imagine themselves looking out onto the San Marcos River. Pajak also included a dog in mid-air to represent an active lifestyle, and a basket filled with local vegetables represent the value of food for the community. There’s a Pioneer sign where are first residents will sign their names as they move into their new home at Kissing Tree.

If a mural can define a community, this one does just that.


Kissing Tree is a distinctly Texan community built for those 55 and better. Set on the banks of the Hill Country, we are located between Austin and San Antonio in the charming town of San Marcos. Here’s to living life on your own terms.

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