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Aug 06th, 2019

It’s a Kissing Tree Thing! Just like Camp but for Boomers

If you’ve ever been to summer camp you know the excitement and camaraderie it brings. Summer. Friends. Pranks. Crushes. Inside jokes. Lightning bugs. Your fellow campers become your best friends—for life. At camp, you have permission to be the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Find your camp tribe! Come to camp and connect with a resident from your tribe. Make friends on social media. Become pen pals. Keep tabs on what’s going on even when you’re not at KT, and find yourself longing to hang out again.

Learn more about each tribe including the Voyagers, Foodies, Champs, and Creators here.

Tribes give us a context and framework to build history and tradition at Kissing Tree.

While the Foodies, Creators, Champs, and Voyagers have only been around since 2018, we’re founding a legacy that will carry on for generations to come.

The competitions and shenanigans that happen now will be the “Remember when” stuff that future residents talk about. Scoreboards, awards, swag, and records not only pump us up today but build the lore, the pride, the value, and the story.

There’s no magical sorting hat here at Kissing Tree. You can choose your tribe yourself, or take our short quiz to figure out where you feel most at home. Not only that, you don’t have to limit yourself to one tribe. You can go try a new restaurant with the Foodies and then take part in a game of pickleball with the Champs — it’s all good. All the tribes welcome everyone!

Ready to learn what tribe fits you best? Take this quick quiz to find out, you could be one or a little bit of all four!

Camp Kissing Tree is one of our biggest get-togethers, showcasing many of the best things about living in our unique 55+ gated community in San Marcos. There’s always loads to do, games to play, and plenty of food and drink. Our Tribes have booths set up to help inform both residents and guests about the many activities available all year long at Kissing Tree.

While each Camp Kissing Tree is a little different, it’s always held at Independence Hall.

Of course, there are prizes for games and one grand prize that includes travel vouchers for a trip someplace amazing chosen by members of our Voyagers Tribe! Everyone who comes is entered into the big grand prize drawing, so bring as many friends as you’d like. The more the merrier!

A little more about the four tribes!

It’s easy to find your tribe—and connect to a larger story and provide the basis for forging deep friendships. Tribes are a vital part of our community.

Think back to that first day — it can be intimidating to come to a new place where everyone already knows each other. We welcome folks in a variety of ways, but the fastest and most effective way is through our tribes.

Instantly, you’re not the new guy — you’re a Creator or a Voyager. It’s shorthand for who you are — and a chance to re-invent yourself into the person you want to be. Immediately there is camaraderie with long-term residents, staff, and fellow newbies. It lets you know that there are people like you here, and people you want to be friends with.

Foodies: Gourmets, bakers and eaters unite – when you’re around a Foodie’s table, you’re surrounded by good food and good company. Join us for:

  • Sunday Potluck
  • Friday Cooking Demos
  • Ladies & Men’s Luncheons
  • Happy Hour at Independence Hall
  • Hill Country Winery Trips
  • Austin & San Antonio Dining Nights
  • We Love Wine Group
  • Craft Beer Lessons

Creators: We are the makers. We’re always working on our craft, and we enjoy the company of our fellow tinkerers. From painting and knitting to welding and carpentry, all things creative are up our alley. Join us for:

  • Music Lessons
  • Art Classes
  • Gardening Classes
  • Writing Group
  • KT Choir
  • Book Discussions

Champs: When we’re golfing, swimming, playing pickleball or kayaking somewhere new, Champs go hard and make it a great time. Join us for:

  • Bicycle Rides
  • Billiards Competitions
  • Boccee Ball
  • Disc Golf
  • Card Games
  • Ladie’s & Men’s Golf
  • Horseshoes
  • Pickleball

Voyagers: From day trips across Texas to treks around Portofino, Voyagers have stories to tell and plan for the next big adventure. Join us for:

  • Adventurers Group
  • Aqua Adventures
  • Birdwatching
  • Dog Lovers
  • Fun Ones – Singles Group
  • Golf Cart Parades
  • Hiking
  • RV Group
  • Veterans
  • Travelers Group

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We have an amazing active adult community here at Kissing Tree that is like no other. In fact, it’s been named one of Forbes’ 25 Best Places to Retire four years in a row! Whether you’re already a resident or just want to see what all the fuss is about, attending our Kissing Tree events is the best way to explore what Kissing Tree has to offer! Sign up for updates about our next event!

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