Get Coffee, Snacks & More at The Stump - Kissing Tree
Aug 10th, 2020

Get Coffee, Snacks & More at The Stump

Hungry for something new? Come check out The Stump, Kissing Tree’s newest bistro-style café! Located just across from the Golf Pro Shop, The Stump is now open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m! You don’t have to play golf to swing by for snacks and eats, currently operating on a limited menu, more options will become available soon! You can also enjoy the bar featuring beer, wine, tea, and sodas!

Kissing Tree Food and Beverage Manager Brooke Roselund has been heading up the opening, and is thrilled to be offering new options for the Kissing Tree community. “We’ve been open less than a week, but it’s going really well,” Brooke said. “As we get into more of a routine, we’re excited to expand our menu and create new seasonal items for residents!” Brooke said that in the first week, the hot dogs and sausages have been the most popular items. Residents can dine in, or call The Stump at 512-749-1073 to place an order for pick up.

Legends & Friends

The name The Stump was inspired by those “stump speeches” that Sam Houston gave during his campaign for Governor of Texas, under San Marcos’ famous Kissing Tree. Inside, golfers will love the Texas Golf Legends wall, created by Ana Stapleton.

“In generating ideas for the space, I thought about how we could both riff off the KT ‘Live Legendary’ motto and bring golf into it,” Ana said. “In researching the great Texan players of past decades, I discovered that there were cool stories of connection and friendships amongst that group.”

Ana developed a sub-theme of “Legends and Friends” to honor these friendships from the past and the present, such as the life-long friendship between Ben Hogan (who wrote the classic golf book Five Lessons and revolutionized the golf swing) and Byron Nelson.

She learned that modern day legends Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite met by accident at the original Austin Country Club in 1962, when Ben was just 10 years old. Both took lessons from Austin’s iconic golf coach Harvey Penick, and Tom and Ben would go on to win tons of tournaments. “The whole installation is anchored around an oversized photo I found of the three of them in a golf cart, at the end of Harvey’s life,” Ana said. “Ben won the masters in 1995 a week after Harvey’s death, and there is a photo of him on the wall from that moment.”

Ana also found plenty of stories of legendary Texas women golfers who were buddies. “I found photos with Carol Mann, Betsy Rawls, and Kathy Whitworth,” Ana told us. “I used glass shadow boxes to install vintage issues of Sport Illustrated featuring Texas golfers. You’ll also see a shadow box with KT branded golf balls to inspire the inner legends of the current residents and visitors as they play!”

Ana’s still putting the finishing touches on the Legends wall—look for an actual oak stump coming soon, as well as champions board that will honor residents who win KT tournaments.

The best news is, you don’t have to win to continue living legendary with your friends here at Kissing Tree.

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