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Dec 14th, 2017

Fun Games to Play With Grandkids

When your grandkids arrive at your 55+ community, you naturally want to find the best games to play with them. While modern kids are glued to video games and mobile devices, this list of games will help them disconnect from the outside world. These fun games are a great way to bond with your grandkids whenever they come to visit.

Have Fun Playing Cards

As long as you have a deck of playing cards, your options are truly endless. Try teaching your grandkids an old-fashioned game like Go Fish, Snap or Authors. The best part about card games is that many of them involve using the child’s memory, logic or math skills. You will get to have fun with your grandkids while boosting their brain power.

Freeze a Moment in Time

After an especially long visit, you and your grandkids probably want to remember all of the special moments that happened. Have some fun collecting mementos each day. You can gather together ticket stubs, photographs or drawings from their trip. If you spent time outdoors, pick a beautiful flower or a fall leaf to include in your time capsule. At the end of the trip, compile all of these memories inside of a time capsule or a miniature scrapbook.

Mother, May I?

Grandkids are full of energy and enthusiasm. While adults might not want to run around for long, some yard games can be enjoyed with minimal running on your part. This particular game allows you to stand in place while the child does all of the actual exercising. It helps you burn off some of your grandkid’s extra energy before heading indoors for some quiet time.

Indoor Fun With a Jigsaw Puzzle

If you want to spend some time inside, a jigsaw puzzle is always a fun choice. Grab a puzzle that you have at home and take it to your kitchen table. If you do not own any puzzles, then have fun shopping for one with your grandkids. Afterward, you can enjoy hours of bonding together as you work on the puzzle.

Plan a Treasure Hunt

Whether you are a young child or just young at heart, there is something truly magical about a treasure hunt. If the weather is nice out, spend some time hiding clues that lead the child to the ultimate treasure. Each clue is a hint that helps the child find the next clue on their list. You can also do a treasure hunt indoors on rainy days. If you want to spend less time planning out clues and hiding them, try doing a scavenger hunt instead.

Throwing Games

Throwing games are especially fun for younger children. As long as you can find a sandy area, you can play a game with marbles or horseshoes. For a lawn game, try playing ladderball or bocce. You can also try simple throwing games like a basic game of catch. For an indoor option, try playing a game of jacks.

These games are more than an opportunity to have fun together. They help the child learn skills like logic, math and physical coordination. More importantly, these games give you a chance to bond with your grandkids and make their visit as memorable as possible.

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