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Aug 05th, 2016

Fitness, Foodie Culture and Creative Fun: The Kissing Tree Lifestyle

Kissing Tree is designed with a timeless feeling of place, modern technology and a wide range of amenities. But what makes it truly unique is that every aspect of the community is purposefully planned for a generation full of youthful energy and optimism.

At the core of it all is a lifestyle philosophy whose three elements are so important we consider them imperatives: 1) stay healthy and fit, 2) savor the good times, and 3) be inspired to keep learning and improving and expressing yourself.

Here’s the 311.

Health and Well Being

Work out or chill out? Either way, it’s our time to play – maybe even a long-awaited opportunity to feel really vital.

Maybe a decade a go, careers and carpools took precedence. Now we can focus on eating better, setting fitness goals and exercising regularly. And we’re looking for new challenges: Ready to hike a 14’er in Colorado. Explore the differences between Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga. Take a motorcycle journey to British Columbia. Our dreams are as individual as we are.

Kissing Tree is a place to plan, and to act on, those adventures. There’s always something else to do, and someone to do it with, in our community: Hike or bike 15 miles of scenic trails. Play 18 holes on the challenging golf course. Practice on the 18-hole putting course. Get out a racket for pickleball or tennis. Swim laps, lift weights, spin or take a class at the fitness center. Enjoy the lawn with bocce ball or corn hole.

The Food Revolution

Life looks delicious. Thus, our mantra: Let’s put a fork in it!

A big part of living healthier is focusing on what we’re eating, where it comes from, and how it’s made. The social aspect of food—cooking, sharing, pairing—puts it at the center of our lives.

That’s why the homes at Kissing Tree feature expansive kitchens for entertaining with friends and family.

We’re also planning a Texas-sized community barbecue pit, an indoor/outdoor bar, and a Biergarten for those times when the party needs to move outside. And there’s more: Our master plan incorporates a community food studio where master chefs and mixologists will visit to share inspiration.

Arts and Culture

We want to keep our minds going and our creative juices flowing, because expression and artistry are vitally important to a fulfilling, happy life.

At Kissing Tree and throughout San Marcos, there’s plenty to inspire minds, hands and hearts, including an active arts scene and a multitude of opportunities to attend classes of all kinds, or maybe even teach.

Dozens of non-profit organizations in the area welcome volunteer help and leadership. And the possibilities grow exponentially in Austin and San Antonio, just a few minutes down the road in either direction.

Apologies if it sounds a little highfalutin’, but at Kissing Tree, souls can flourish.

When we’re 55 or better, work no longer has to be an imperative. But health and fitness, food culture and inspiration to be our best are more important than ever. At Kissing Tree, that’s where the good life begins.

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