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Nov 22nd, 2018

Finding Friendships in Retirement

If you’re like many seniors, you worry about losing friends if you decide to move to an active adult community. After all, you’ve likely lived in your current community for years, and your neighbors have become your best friends. Don’t let this discourage you from exploring the benefits of living in a top-notch 55+ community like Kissing Tree. Active adult living communities offer you the chance to keep current friendships intact while gaining new ones. Here are some ways to find friends during your retirement years at Kissing Tree.

Join a Club

Pursuing hobbies and interests for which you’re passionate is a great way to make new friends. Like-minded people of all ages will be attracted to your skills, wisdom, and knowledge on your favorite subjects. You can take your interests to the next level by joining a club that relates to your favorite hobby. From the golf cart club to arts and crafts club, Kissing Tree is home to more than 100 groups and clubs.


Giving back to the community by volunteering your time and skills always attracts the best kinds of people. After all, friends who are socially conscious, fun, and unselfish are the bright spots in life. If you enjoy the natural beauty that San Marcos provides its residents, try volunteering with the San Marcos Parks and Recreation department. The organization holds special events throughout the year at various public parks and green spaces. You can support those events or get involved with the department’s river cleanup and tree care activities.

Become a Mentor

Whether you’ve spent your working years as a homemaker or a corporate executive, you’ve learned valuable lessons that can be passed to the next generation. To make some lasting friendships with younger people, consider becoming a mentor. A retired business person can join the area’s Small Business Association as a mentor. Up and coming entrepreneurs are matched to you based upon their startup’s industry, business model, and operations.

Take a Class

Want to learn a new skill or master a current one? The chances are that you’re not alone. Other seniors continue to learn throughout their retirement years to keep their brains sharp and to make new friendships. If you look back on your life, you’ll notice that many of your most valuable friendships and networking opportunities were forged during your college years. You can try that formula for making new friends now by enrolling in a couple of classes at Texas State University.


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