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Dec 14th, 2018

Cozy Spots to Try in San Marcos

Texas might not have the freezing temperatures or stormy blizzards that affect the rest of the country, but it can still get quite chilly during the winter. When cold weather strikes, Kissing Tree residents can enjoy hot chocolate or hot toddies in San Marcos. Hot toddies are believed to relieve cold symptoms, so you can enjoy having a great excuse for savoring a warm drink this winter.

Wake the Dead 

Located at 1432 Old Ranch Road 12, this coffee shop has all of the hot beverages you could ask for. Wake the Dead serves up coffee, beers and delicious food for San Marcos residents. You can enjoy your drink in the main hall or move to the elegant study for a cozier environment. If you want a traditional coffee shop experience, try a mocha, chai latte or hot apple cider. During their live performances, try sipping on an artisan-crafted beer or a glass of wine.

Wake the Dead is a place for you and the rest of the San Marvelous community to gather together. People come to this destination from across the city to enjoy delicious coffee and tasty treats. From live performances to intellectual gatherings, you can enjoy a truly unique experience at this coffeehouse.

Tantra Coffeehouse

For an art-filled experience, visit the Tantra Coffeehouse. Whether you are looking for hot toddies or hot chocolate, you can find it within this classy cafe. In addition to offering coffeehouse fare, this establishment also operates as a full-scale restaurant. During the morning, you can expect to find a wide array of breakfast dishes like bacon, eggs and parfait. Later on in the day, you can enjoy dining on dishes like the Tantra Turkey or salmon tacos. They also offer a range of wine and beer. For a fun adventure, try visiting this coffeehouse during one of the outdoor music or art events.

Mochas and Javas

Another local favorite can be found at Mochas and Javas. Started in 2003, this Texas-based chain serves up amazing drinks in Frisco and San Marcos. All of the dishes are made from scratch with ingredients from local producers. While you enjoy a latte or mocha, you can listen to live music or enjoy having a conversation with your friends.

This small chain is quickly making a name for itself as one of the best cafes in the state. Other than exceptional coffee, Mochas and Javas serves up a range of breakfast and lunch dishes. The baked goods are a popular treat, and these bakery items are all made from scratch.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from if you want a steaming beverage during the winter. Whether you are looking for an alcoholic drink in the evening or something warm to wake up with, these restaurants offer a variety of different options. The various art shows and music events are also a fun way to spend some time with your friends and loved ones.

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