Breathe Easy at Yoga - Kissing Tree
Oct 09th, 2017

Breathe Easy at Yoga

Although this Yoga Studio is no longer open there are plenty of  health and wellness facilities and activities throughout San Marcos: 

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I have never been what you could call a yogi. I can barely touch my toes, so the thought of contorting myself like a pretzel was nerve-wracking to say the least.  So when my friend invited me to attend a class with her at the new yoga studio in town, I was extremely nervous. She’s been doing yoga for years and I was fully prepared to embarrass myself in front of her and everyone else. Despite my anxiety I rolled up my yoga mat and made my way to downtown San Marcos to brightly painted Namarupa sign. My fears began to lessen the moment that I walked into the door. The ambience was so immediately calming and I was immediately created by a smiling woman named Taylor, who I would later find out was one of the studio’s owners. I then realized that I had no idea whether or not this was a membership type of place and seeing my panic, Taylor informed me that Namarupa was a donation based studio and that I was encouraged to give whatever I could, no pressure.  I put my money in the donation box, and found a spot in the studio.

The studio is a beautiful, open space with warm wood floors and mirrors lining one wall. I joked to my yogi friend that the mirrors meant that I could see myself looking foolish in real time but she quickly informed me that the mirrors were an excellent tool to check your form and easily correct. I would quickly learn how true that was once we got started. To my delight, Taylor was teaching the class, a Vinyasa flow, and asked everyone in attendance their experience levels and tailored the class to make sure everyone felt comfortable.  Once the class began, she locked the door, put on some soothing music and guided us through the opening breathing exercises. Within those first few minutes, all of my remaining discomfort melted away. I really let myself focus on the breathing.

The breathing seamlessly transitioned into poses and whenever I struggled, Taylor was there to gently correct and keep me on track. Before I knew it, 45 minutes had passed, I was dripping sweat but ready for more! I immediately purchased a 10 class pass and signed up for the stretching class the next day! I have now become a Namarupa devotee. All of the instructors, including Taylor’s husband and co-owner Jason, are incredibly accommodating, warm, and knowledgeable. I cannot even begin to tell you how sore I was after that first class but the strength and peace of mind I’ve known come to know are so incredibly worth it! Not only has my stress level decrease, but I find myself with more energy to enjoy all of the amazing things San Marcos and the Texas Hill Country has to offer!


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