Among the Wildflowers - Kissing Tree
Nov 10th, 2021

Among the Wildflowers

When it comes to getting things done, the Kissing Tree WGA Wildflower Ladies are a force of nature. As part of their recent beautification initiative, the group hosted a day of activities designed to add Texas wildflower beauty to the Kissing Tree golf course while leaving a living legacy. This first annual event included an afternoon Seed Stomp followed by an evening celebration that included a delicious barbeque dinner, a silent auction, and the donation of a commemorative art bench.

The Seed of a Big Idea

Planning for the big event began in February, when the ladies formed committees and began working with Troon, the golf course management company, to coordinate the preparation and location for six wildflower patches throughout the KT golf course. The group collaborated with a Native American seed company in Junction, Texas, to choose the perfect seed mixes for sunny and shady areas. “In the forested area at the beginning of the course, we chose sage seeds to make a beautiful presentation,” said event chair Sandra Zwick. “And bluebonnets predominate in the sun mix, since we are in Texas.”

The group was also excited to donate a commemorative art bench to be placed at the driving range. Crafted from a limestone block, the six-foot bench features 12 small paintings of wildflowers by local artist Mimi Macallum.

With planning underway, the group took up fundraising efforts, collecting close to $5,000 to cover costs. “Seeds are very expensive,” Sandra said. “You need 15 pounds of seeds per acre, and we have around 3 acres to do this year. The cost of the seeds alone was close to $2,400.”

Doing the Stomp

The stomp took place on the afternoon of November 1, when six teams gathered near the 9th hole before taking their golf carts to the designated areas of the course. The Troon team had prepared the plots in advance, marking the seed areas and ensuring they were mowed and raked (and watered afterward). With a festive soundtrack of stomping music such as “These Boots are Made for Walking,” “The Monster Mash,” and “The Bristol Stomp,” the teams scattered the seeds and practiced their dance moves to get the seeds in the ground. Stomping can also help crack the protective seed coats to start the germination process, so the flowers will bloom next spring.

Growing Into the Future

Later that evening, the second phase of the celebration kicked off at Independence Hall with a silent auction followed by a short program and barbeque dinner. Close to 70 residents and guests attended the event, which served as a fundraiser to for future beautification efforts, including a spring planting. “It’s been such a demonstration of community,” Sandra said. “We have such a wonderful group of people here at Kissing Tree.”

Want to take part in the next Seed Stomp? Check the events calendar to find out when the KT WGA is meeting. Not yet a resident? Find your home and come join us!

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