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Sep 18th, 2017

A Full Home is a Happy Home

I don’t know about you but I love entertaining family and friends in my home. Whether it’s a full-scale dinner party or game night, I want to make sure I provide my guests with the best food and drink I can. While a dinner party how-to post is sure to come, this blog is going to focus on our go-to for entertaining loved ones. It is the satisfying and easy to create wine and a charcuterie tray. All you need to do is grab a few good bottles of wine, tasty cheese and delectable meats, and you are good to go! Pretty simple right?

We usually like to choose the wines after we’ve decided on food so first things first, let’s buy some cheese and meat! Now, before we let you in on where to buy cheese and meat we have to warn the cheese shop enthusiast out there that our answer may seem a little surprising but just hear us out ok? Our go-to cheese and meat shop is none other than…

The HEB Plus in New Braunfels. Seriously ya’ll, this HEB has everything you need and more. Their deli department is one of the nicest, most diverse we’ve seen, including specialty cheese shops in the Austin area. (Which are super awesome too!) One of the reasons this store has become a go-to is that they offer a wide variety of cheeses and meats at competitive price points. Oh, and their stuff is really, really tasty. For our most recent party we went with the Columbus brand Prosciutto and their Dry Salami, the Boar’s Head Pastrami sliced in the deli same day paired with a soft, creamy goat cheese, aged blue cheese and a sharp, smoked Cheddar. Insider tip: This HEB offers curbside pickup so if you don’t have time to sort through the store, order online, select a time and HEB will have everything ready to go!

Since you will already be in New Braunfels gathering your charcuterie materials, we’ll make it easy on you and tell you about a cute little wine shop with a big selection right down the road in Gruene! Winery on the Gruene may look small but the wine selections are unique, interesting, flavorful and perfect for any sort of entertaining. Best of all, it has a tasting room/wine shop so you can taste any of their offerings before buying them. My favorites are the Gewurztraminer, Lone Start White Pinot Grigio and the Texas Night Pinot Noir, but you really can’t go wrong with anything there!

There you go, now you are ready to have the perfect evening at home hosting your family and friends! Be sure to tell us how it goes or better yet, feel free to send an invitation.

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