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The Four Best Restaurants in San Marcos

2017-12-15T12:01:02+00:00 Dec 15, 2017|

Active adult living sure can give you an appetite. Fortunately, the Texas Hill Country is a great place to live, play, and eat, with a myriad of culinary styles represented throughout the region. Austin is famous for [...]

Best Places to Meet People When Retired

2017-12-15T14:58:27+00:00 Dec 13, 2017|

Retirement is an exciting milestone that affords you the freedom to pursue your passions and hobbies. Once you retire, maintaining an active adult lifestyle is easier than ever before. The downside to retirement, however, is the potential [...]

Hill Country Update

2017-12-12T12:47:19+00:00 Dec 11, 2017|

2017 was one for the books, and we’ve only started writing our story. Amenities are open, residents are meeting their new neighbors and more than 100 homes are coming along in Fair Park and Driskill. One thing’s [...]

Our Favorite Retiree Resources

2017-12-15T12:41:47+00:00 Dec 7, 2017|

Even in retirement, we have plenty of obligations. There's still bills to pay, groceries to buy and appointments with our healthcare providers. Some of us may have trouble making ends meet with only our pension or social [...]

How to Play Bocce Ball

2017-12-15T11:43:00+00:00 Dec 5, 2017|

Active adult living involves more than simply taking a walk around the neighborhood or going fishing with friends. Maintaining an active lifestyle in retirement often means learning fun new games, such as bocce ball. The best thing [...]

5 Ways To Stay Active As A Senior

2017-12-07T13:49:45+00:00 Nov 21, 2017|

As you age, staying healthy and active becomes even more important. You do not have to engage in strenuous exercise as there are different ways to enjoy staying active. Physical activities help keep your health in tip-top [...]

Disadvantages of Reverse Mortgage

2017-10-17T13:54:26+00:00 Nov 17, 2017|

A reverse mortgage is a popular option for seniors looking to retire comfortably or pay off small debts. Reverse mortgages are loans available for those 62 years old and better who are financially eligible by the U.S. [...]

Staying Active When Retired

2017-11-02T17:32:00+00:00 Nov 2, 2017|

Active adult communities like Kissing Tree are ideal places to get involved in leisure and recreational activities. Whether you prefer the indoors or the outdoors, there are many ways to remain physically and mentally active long after [...]

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